Whey Protein For Men in Malaysia

Which Is The Best Whey Protein For Men in Malaysia

Today we will be looking at various whey protein for men in Malaysia. Although both men and women can consume whey protein in cutting down fat and building muscle, however, today’s objective will be targeting men instead. That is why we have compiled three types of the best whey protein for Malaysian men. Stay tuned to read the guide below to get the best whey protein available.

The first one is DP Whey Depot (at Binabadan), and it is a popular whey protein for Malaysian men. 

It has various benefits like having whey isolate as a primary source, and it can build more lean muscles compared to other regular whey. It also more superior compared to other whey proteins. It can let the body recover after wear and tear in doing heavy exercise. It also boosts performance and strength in men. It is one of the best whey protein powder for men in Malaysia.

Testers have increased 10 lbs of muscle mass when they consume DP Whey Depot. On the other hand, those that ate Whey Depot increase their bench press by 34 pounds. Those that have taken other whey protein only gained 10lbs. Which means this product produces more muscle compared to other whey protein brands.

Who Consumes This Whey Protein Powder?

Most users that take this whey protein is looking to build more muscle and also perform better.  Therefore those people that make this whey protein believe that this is the best whey protein powder for men in the market.

What About The Side Effects Of This Whey Protein?

Consumers did not find any side effects of the whey protein, or anything particularly wrong about eating the whey protein. If you are unsure about this product, consult your doctor, dietician, or your trainer.

Second, we have Legion Whey Protein Powder. This product has extra calcium compared to other whey protein, which means that it can strengthen your bones. It also has more iron per scoop compared to other whey products, but the sodium level is average.

Whey Protein For Men in Malaysia

The ingredients of the Legion Whey is whey isolate. It also contains cocoa bean powder and tapioca starch. There are other ingredients, but none of them includes an allergen or adverse side effects. You may consume safely.

Next, we will go straight to the benefits of taking this product. It doesn’t contain high calories, and it will not let you gain weight quickly. However, this doesnt mean the protein is100% carb-free or non-fat isolate. However, it suits consumers that want to cut down their diet into a low-fat diet. It has high-quality whey protein, and it is processed coldly. It is not denatured protein. Most people prefer cold-pressed protein powder, so getting this product will be great for those people that do not like denatured whey protein.

Whey Protein has the ingredient xanthan gum in them that can cause flatulence in certain users, but if you are sensitive to these ingredients, you should not buy this product. However, if you don’t have allergic to either of these ingredients, you may consume with peace.

You might want to steer clear of peanuts and fish if you have allergies. Make sure to consult the dietician before getting this product.

This whey is grass-fed, and it is also an isolate. It is much more affordable than other healthy branded whey proteins, but still, it is quite useful for its quality. This isolate can also mix easily, and the soy lecithin in it makes it a great product to consume.

This Legion Whey protein powder is great because it is grass-fed, and it doesn’t have artificial flavorings. We don’t care about the soy ingredient, but it is still an excellent pick.

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey Protein

This whey protein is the best product to choose if you want to get a whey protein of all flavors.

So what does this whey protein contain? It has protein isolates, peptides, cocoa, and lecithin. It is one of the highest value proteins in the market, considering the fact there are so many flavors to opt for, especially if you don’t want to settle for just one character.

So out of the three brands, this protein has the highest percentage of protein, and it has fewer ingredients that might compromise your health or weight. It is one of the cheapest brands and has less protein but more fat in each serving. However, it has more health benefits in the protein-like phospholipids. These whey peptides are more expensive, yes, but they dissolve faster, and they are healthier.

The lecithin in this product is it can mix better, and it contains amino gen. It has a mixture of enzymes that aids in consuming the protein and reduce any unwanted gas in the body. The Lactase in the body is more comfortable to digest, and it is an excellent amino acid in the whey protein powder.

Benefits of Gold Standard Whey

One of the benefits of this product is that it contains a particular protein that has a unique amino acid called Branch Chain Amino Acid. This amino acid has advantages like glutamine. Next, the Aminogen also improves digestion in the body, and there are multiple types of whey to make it the best whey protein powder out there.

This is the best guide out there, so if you are from Malaysia and you are hunting for the best whey protein for men in Malaysia, this guide is for you.