Whey Protein Halal

What do you Understand by Whey Protein Halal?

Whether whey protein is halal or not is always a hot topic for discussion. And, if you are a health-conscious Muslim consumer then surely whether the product is halal or haram matters to you. Well, if talk about the truth in the market you can find both types of whey proteins and unless the product is whey Halal certified, they will be the other type of whey protein.  

But, you must be happy to know that the whey products are itself halal since it is a byproduct of the cheese fabrication process. During the formation of whey as a byproduct via cheese fabrication process the milk is curdled by adding an element called “Rennet” or “Pepsin”. These are a type of enzymes that are derived from stomachs of calves and goats and from the stomach of swine respectively. These are further categories in two scenarios – 

  1. When the milk is curdled with pepsin, then the obtained whey is haram (illicit). 
  2. Whereas when the milk is curdled with rennet, and here we have two other scenarios: 
    a) The rennet is from a ritually slaughtered animal, then the produced whey is halal. 
    b) The rennet is obtained from non-slaughtered animals.  

Here are the following Benefit that you can enjoy while going for Halal Whey Protein in Malaysia

  • 25 grams of protein per serving
  •  Suitable for vegetarians
  •  Doping free
  •  Supports the build-up of muscle mass
  •  5.7 grams of BCAA per serving
  •  Faster muscle recovery
  •  No ‘filler’ ingredients
  •  Dissolves perfectly in water and milk 
  •  The mix of the best quality Whey concentrate and whey isolate

When it comes to the benefit of the whey protein in either case whey protein or whey protein halal both have the same result on the body on its consumption. The only difference comes is in their manufacturing process, thus they sare the same benefit as given below –   

Beneficial Amino Acid – The presence of amino in halal whey protein in Malaysia is known to have relatively high biological values such that it can be more effectively used by our body. And, it is more essential that your body must completely consume all the nutrients from the healthy food that you eat, rather than getting them wasted as your body cannot consume it. 

Weight Loss – Proteins are quite effective at the time of body weight loss. Whey proteins not only helps you in getting leaner muscles but it also helps in loss of fat without mass muscle loss. These take more time to get digested in your body thus you feel full and do not run for junk food all the time. Obese patients can take the benefit of halal whey protein to get a decrease in liver fat in just 4 weeks. 

Lowers Blood Pressure – Lastly, as halal whey protein of Malaysia is a dairy product thus by its nature it helps to reduce blood pressure in the patients with high hypertension. These comprise of bioactive peptide called lactokine that helps to treat high blood pressure.  In nutshell – You can find that there are divergent in opinions regarding the source of rennet, thus, you must be clear with the mindset of the seller. The best you can do to buy the protein powder halal in Malaysia is to check whether the retailer or shopkeeper is certified to sell the halal products or not and with the serial code of the product you can also check the certification fo the product which you are going to take in the name of Halal whey protein in Malaysia. Especially, when going for health-related products you must keep your eye and ears open to avoid bitting the bait.

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